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Adding a basement bathroom isn’t an easy job to navigate. If you live in or close to Aurora, South Park, Scraper-Moecherville, Montgomery, Exposition View, Marywood, North Aurora, Boulder Hill, Randall Hills, Eola, Mooseheart, Plainfield, Naperville, or Oswego, trust our team to get the job done right.

When it comes to putting in a basement bath, there are a few more challenges to tackle than if you were adding a sink or toilet to your upstairs space. Why is this? Short answer – gravity.

Upstairs, you have gravity on your side to help pull sewage down and into your septic tank. But downstairs? Not so much. Which is why trusting a plumbing expert is going to be the more optimal route for avoiding damage and other issues down the line – and why any thoughts about DIY attempts should be dismissed right away.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

  • Drainage: So, like we mentioned, good drainage can be a big hurdle when it comes to basement bathrooms. You’ll need to consider which products would be best suited to your needs and which will lend the biggest hand in terms of sending your sewage up and away from your home. If you’re considering an ejector pump, our team would be happy to help! Or, if not, we can help you explore other options, too.
  • Other Plumbing: Hoping to add a shower or tub, too? Since these carry the same plumbing concerns as adding a toilet, you’ll want to give it a lot of thought – and definitely run it by your local plumbing expert first.
  • Ventilation: Since basements are more prone to moisture anyway, you may consider adding some extra ventilation options to the space. This will help reduce the risk of water-related damages (like rust, peeling wallpaper, ceiling/wall stains, mold growth, etc.) down the line.
  • Flooring: Again, because basement baths are prone to excess moisture, you’ll need a floor that can stand up to any extra condensation. Wood isn’t likely to be a great option… tile, on the other hand, would fare a lot better.
  • Lighting: This doesn’t have anything to do with plumbing or moisture, but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind. Since your basement bath will be underground, you’re probably not going to get much natural light coming in, so you’ll want to select light fixtures that help to balance this out.

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