Ready to Add a Basement Bath? Trust Our Licensed & Experienced Technicians

Are you looking to make your basement more guest-friendly by adding a basement bathroom? Or maybe you’ve recently renovated and think an extra bathroom is the best way to boost home value and enhance the space even more? Whatever your reasoning, one thing’s for certain – basement bathrooms should always be handled by a pro.

Why is this? Well, the main issue is that the bathroom will be built lower than your drainage system, which makes things a bit more complicated all around. Most plumbing systems use gravity to ensure they can drain efficiently and not clog up. But basement bathrooms don’t have gravity on their side. Because of this, even the most avid and experienced DIY-er can easily mess things up.

If you’re looking to add a basement bath, trust our experts to do it right, so you don’t run into problems down the line.

How Do Basement Bathrooms Drain?

So what can be done to combat this lack of natural forces? Well, there are several options, all of which we’re happy to help you explore. You might consider a pressure-assisted toilet, for instance, which uses air to push your waste through the pipes and into your septic tank. There are also upflushing toilets, sewage ejector pumps, and even composting toilets are an option for some. 

What Other Considerations Should I Keep in Mind?

We’ve talked a lot about the trouble with draining toilets in a basement bathroom, but the same issues arise for showers and tubs if you’re looking to install those, too.

In the end, the depth of your current plumbing will play a part in how we approach your basement bathroom needs, and we’ll need to consider the size of your pipes, too. Sometimes bigger pipes are required to ensure there’s enough space for the fluids to drain effectively.

Installation of Bathroom piping

So… Is It Worth It?

When we express concerns relating to plumbing in a basement bathroom, many homeowners take a step back and question… Is this really worth it?

Well, if you ask us… Yes – especially when you have a licensed crew like us nearby to get the job done right.
We’re happy to take on this project, so that you can reap the following benefits:

  • Heightened Convenience: If your basement is used a lot for guests, hanging out,
  • or maybe as someone’s bedroom, having a bathroom downstairs will be
  • well-appreciated by anyone spending time down there.
  • Increased Home Value: Come time to sell, an extra bathroom will only
  • work in your favor as far as home value and making it more marketable.
  • Extra Space: If you have a full and active household, a basement
  • bath can help ease some tension when everyone is waiting to
  • use the restroom at once – think of how much easier
  • mornings will be! And if you tend to host get- togethers, 
  • this same rule applies… the more bathroom options,
  • the better, if you ask us.

Reach Out Now With Questions         

This is a big project that’s likely inviting a lot of questions. If your mind is bubbling with concerns, give us a call. Once we get the specifics on your unique needs and setup, we can offer you a clearer picture of just what this job might entail, what the pricing will look like, how long it should take us, and more.

Dial 630-978-9696 now or, if you’re ready to set an appointment, conveniently book with us online. We’ve got you covered!


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