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Hearing a constant dripping noise from your kitchen or bathroom faucet? Not only is this an annoyance, but it can cause your water bills to go up, too – all those tiny drips add up quickly! Fortunately for homeowners in Naperville and Aurora, our crew can resolve your leaks, install any new parts, and handle any other bathroom or kitchen plumbing issues, too, while we’re at it.

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Why Is My Faucet Leaking?

There are lots of reasons a faucet may leak, and with how much use these fixtures experience on a daily basis, it’s not an uncommon issue. But what are the most common causes of these leaks?

    • Worn O Ring: This is the small rubber disc that helps to seal the area where the faucet handle meets the sink. If it’s worn out, ripped, or experiencing any other type of damage, you’ll likely notice water leaking out.
    • Bad Cartridge: If the cartridge in your faucet (the piece of plastic that helps to control the flow of your water) is beginning to wear out, this is another common cause for leaks that a plumber can help remedy.
    • Damaged Washer & Valve Seat: The washer and valve seat rub against each other every time you turn your faucet on and off, which eventually can trigger quite a bit of wear and damage to both of them. And sometimes the washer isn’t the right size or was installed incorrectly to begin with, too.
    • Sediment Buildup: You’ve likely noticed sediment buildup on your sink before, and this buildup can cause corrosion if not regularly cleaned out. That said, some spaces aren’t so easy to access, in which case help from a plumber may be required.
    • Pipe-Related Issues: Sometimes water leaks are less to do with the fixture itself and more to do with the pipes. If your pipes are damaged, you could notice poor water pressure, which can then trigger leaking.
    • Loose Parts: Over time, as parts become worn and put to a lot of use, certain components of your faucet can become loose. Sometimes they can simply be tightened, but other times you may need to consider replacement options.
    Leaky Faucet

    We know a leaky faucet is bad news, but the upside is that our crew is more than qualified to tackle any leak-related issue you’re experiencing. Whether you need a simple fix, a big repair, or a completely new faucet installed, we’ve got the tools and experience to get it done right.

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    If you’re worried about a leaky faucet in your home, the sooner you call us in, the better. The longer leaks go unresolved, the more money and water you’ll waste, and it could wind up triggering more damage and corrosion down the line, too. The most cost-effective route is always to call us in ASAP for help.

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    In addition to the usual bathroom and kitchen fixtures, you may want to have a utility sink installed, so give us a call.