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We can help you with your bathroom problems or remodels. If it’s a clogged drain or updating the look of your bathroom Residential Plumbing is the answer.

We offer service on all brands of faucets and toilets. We are happy to install any homeowner supplied toilet or one of our preferred brands. We also install bathtubs, free standing tubs and rain showers. We can do the rough plumbing for remodel projects, to setting tubs and back to install the fixtures. Additionally we offer Tub and Lavatory drain cleaning/rodding.

What NOT to Flush Down the Toilet
Here are some helpful tips to help you save money in plumbing repairs, by following this useful tips will save you the headache of calling the plumber.
Feminine Products
Tampons and other feminine hygiene products.
Cooking Grease/Food
When grease cools it will congeal and clog up the drains whether in the bathroom or kitchen drains.  Collect it in a glass jar or mug and when it cools throw it away.
Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes/Cleaning Pads
Just because it says it’s flushable, they may not be – the do not break down when flushed.
Dental Floss
Floss does not break down and can cause serious clogs.
Cotton Balls
They DO NOT break down, but instead they clump together and can end up in the bend of the pipe.
They tend to expend when they get wet and actually are too big to flush down the toilet.
Paper Towels/Tissues
Paper Towels and Tissues are not made with material that will dissolve like toilet paper.

Standing tub installation

free standing tub installation

Rain shower installation

Rain Shower installation

Before Shower Replacement

During Shower Replacement

After Shower Replacement

Kohler shower tower

Kohler shower tower installation

Standing tub installation

Free Standing Tub installation naperville

Before Tub Replacement

During Tub Replacement

After Tub Replacement