We Offer Backflow Testing & Install RPZ Valves

Take a minute to think about all of the fluid you send down your drains. Being able to conveniently send used water and waste down into our pipes is something we hardly think about in today’s world. But when that ability is taken away, it can trigger a lot of inconveniences, throwing your entire day (or week) off track.

But certain plumbing issues can cause more than just some damage or inconveniences. Some actually trigger illness and health issues for the people inside the home or building. It’s because of this that backflow testing is such a vital part of your plumbing maintenance routine.

What Is Backflow? How Do I Stop It?

Backflow is what happens when the contaminated water leaving your home switches directions and enters back into the water you’re supposed to be using for cleaning clothes, cooking, washing dishes, drinking, bathing in, and more. As you might imagine, this poses many health risks.

Backflow also produces risks to the structural integrity of your home by promoting corrosion and decay. Fortunately, we can put a reduced pressure zone device in to reduce the chances of backflow working its way back into your household.

What Is a Reduced Pressure Zone Device?

A reduced pressure zone device (also known as an RPZ valve), is a backflow prevention device that helps to prevent contaminated water from backing up into your clean water supply. Basically, it allows water to move through it, but won’t allow it to come back through the opposite way.

If you’re seeking an RPZ valve for your home or commercial space, our crew can do all the legwork. This includes installation, testing the valve, filling out any necessary paperwork, and filing it with the city.

Got It. So, Then… What Is Backflow Testing?

We’ve covered what backflow is and how to stop it. So, where does the backflow testing come in? Well, once you have your RPZ valve installed, it’s required that it be tested annually. For instance, if you have one on your sprinkler system, you’ll want it tested before kicking on the system each spring.

We can complete these mandatory inspections to ensure everything remains in good working order year after year.

We’re Cross Connection Control Certified

Needless to say, finding a team that’s skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced is essential when it comes to backflow testing services. Our certified crew is here for you, and we’re confident in our ability to perform thorough tests, as well as correct any problems we come across along the way.

We also pride ourselves on putting your safety first, which means you’ll get the quality care and personalized attention you deserve. Book your appointment by calling 630-978-9696, or you can reach out online today. We’re here and would love to help you out!

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