Need Help With Basement Plumbing? Consider an Ejector Pump

Are you having a basement bathroom put in? When it comes to incorporating plumbing in lower levels of the home, finding ways to combat the lack of gravity your plumbing needs to properly drain can be a struggle. Fortunately, our crew is well-versed in below-ground plumbing, and we have the tools to set you up with everything you need to avoid problems down the line.

What Is an Ejector Pump?

Like sump pumps, ejector pumps are installed inside a pit that’s dug below the basement of your home. Only, instead of pumping out excess water, they pump out the sewage that isn’t being drawn into your septic tank by the force of gravity. Also like sump pumps, ejector pumps are triggered to turn on when the sewage reaches a certain level. Once that sensor is hit, it will begin pumping the waste out.

Can I Install It Myself?

Like with primary sump pump and back-up sump pump installation, this is a job we highly recommend leaving to the pros. Why?

Trusting a pro…

  • …ensures you’re meeting coding requirements. Different areas have different requirements in terms of what type of plumbing can be installed and where. If you’re adding a room, remodeling, or addressing some major damage, trusting an expert will ensure the job meets all regulations – and that you won’t have to dig it up again down the line.
  • …helps avoid damage. When it comes to plumbing, a minor mishap can quickly turn into a big mess that requires a lot of expensive repair work. This is one area where, if DIY goes wrong, you’ll be left with a lot more work, expense, and damage than you started out with. Trust a pro from the start to get that peace of mind you’re seeking.
  • …can save you money. Like we said, DIY can lead to costly damages. Along with this, an expert will be able to watch out for other potential threats while on the job, then address them early, so you don’t face bigger problems down the line.
  • …helps you maintain, or oftentimes increase, home value. When a plumbing job is done right, it can do a lot in terms of raising the value of your home. But if it’s done incorrectly? Well, then the opposite can be true.
  • …reduces stress and headaches. All in all, tackling a plumbing job on your own can be a major headache that completely disrupts your life. There’s buying the right tools, looking at local codes, watching endless how-to videos, making mistakes and correcting them (you know it’ll happen), and all kinds of other stresses involved. Save yourself the time and hassle by leaving it to the pros.
Septic Ejector Pump After Installation

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