Major Clogs or Blockages in Your Pipes? Invest in Sewer Rodding Services With Us

Has a recent sewer camera inspection revealed a major clog or blockage in your pipes? These can eventually cause significant damage to your plumbing system, and it’ll make your life at home more frustrating as well, in the form of clogged toilets, backed-up drains, foul odors, and more.

So, what’s to be done? Easy. Schedule sewer rodding services with us.

How Does Sewer Rodding Work?

Sewer rodding couldn’t be done without the right equipment – namely, strong and durable, yet flexible, rods – and it shouldn’t be done by anyone other than a licensed plumber to avoid potential damage to your pipes. During the procedure, the rod is snaked into your pipes, where it can then collide with the clog and break it down.

Are tree or bush roots growing into your sewer line? Sewer rodding can help with this, too. The rods will essentially break down or grind up the roots, freeing up space in your pipes for water and other fluid to flow freely again.

The Benefits of Sewer Rodding

The main benefit of investing in this service is likely obvious – no more clogs! But there are other things to gain as well.

  • Avoiding Chemical Cleaners: The use of chemical cleaners for any type of drain cleaning is strongly discouraged by pretty much any licensed plumber you ask because of the damage they can cause your system. Rodding avoids the use of chemicals altogether.
  • Increase Pipe Lifespan: The lifespan of your pipes will decrease significantly the longer you avoid necessary repairs and maintenance. If you fear you have big clogs or blockages, professional sewer rodding services can ensure they’re swiftly removed before major damage is done to your pipes.
  • Money Savings: There are lots of expenses that accompany unaddressed sewer clogs. On top of eventually having to repair or replace your pipes, you’re also likely to experience leaks and home damage. All of this on top of wasted water from leaks means you’ll be making some big dents in your bank account. Rodding is affordable, quick, and, once it’s done, you can rest easier.
Man using rod to clean out sewer clog
  • Preventing Foul Odors: If your pipes have produced clog-related odors before, then you know how bad they can get. Combine that with that musty smell from the stagnant water that can’t drain, and you’re fighting an uphill battle trying to keep your home smelling nice and fresh. Easy fix? Remove the clogs.

Do I Need Sewer Rodding Services?

How can our customers in Naperville, Aurora, or anywhere else nearby know when it’s time to get this maintenance scheduled?

  • It’s been over 2 years. It’s recommended to have sewer rodding completed about once every 1 1/2 to 2 years, so if it’s been longer than that, get an appointment on the books. The better you stay on top of it, the less chance for damage down the line.
  • You have slow-draining sinks and tubs. Have you been noticing that your sinks and/or bathtubs don’t drain quite as quickly as they used to? This likely means a clog is present – and some sewer rodding may be in order if the blockage is big enough.
  • Water keeps backing up into your shower, toilet, or sinks. This should be a fairly big cause for concern. Call our techs in right away to look things over, and we can let you know if rodding is the best route for you.
  • Trees are growing in your pipes. We mentioned this above, but if tree roots are inching their way into your pipes, some sewer rodding services can break them down and prevent them from causing full-blown blockages.
  • You’re noticing sewer-like odors. Bad smells that seem to be coming from your drains warrant the need for some professional plumbing care – and oftentimes major sewage line clogs are the culprit.
  • You have extra green or wet patches in your lawn. Blockages in your pipes can cause your lawn to look different than it normally does. Give us a call if you notice something looks (or smells) out of the ordinary in your yard. 

We’re Professional, Knowledgeable & Eager to Help You Out

When it comes to your sewer, we have the tools, knowledge, and qualifications to help you out with any issues you might be experiencing. If you’re ready to work with our team of experts, we’d be happy to serve you soon.

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