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Back-Up Sump Pumps

Here at Residential Plumbing, Inc., we have sump pump systems to fit a wide variety of needs for our customers throughout Naperville, Aurora, and all of their surrounding cities. Sump pumps work to keep the lower levels of your home dry on those days with heavy rainfall. They collect any rainwater (or melting snow, depending on the time of year) that builds up near your home’s foundation, then pump it away so it can’t get into your home and cause damage.

Now, depending on your home’s setup, your sump pump needs may vary. Fortunately, our techs are well-versed in all things plumbing, and we can get you the unit that would work best for your household.

We Carry Various Types of Sump Pumps

So, what are some examples of the sump pumps we carry and install?

  • Primary Sump Pumps: These will serve as the main sump pump for your household, and they’re the ones that will take on the brunt of the work. Essentially, they’re your first line of defense against any water that’s trying to work its way into your basement or crawl spaces. Our primary sump pumps are 1/3 HP with a 40 GPM with 10’ lift.
  • Back-up Sump Pumps: What happens when the weather is bad and your primary sump pump shuts down? Well, that’s where our back-up sump pump options come in. These kick in when the primary sump pump either fails or simply isn’t able to tackle a big job on its own. We offer several kinds of battery back-up pumps with many options for customizations.
Dual Sump Pump Before Service


Dual Sump Pump After Service


Sump pumps generally last around 7-10 years, depending on your setup and how much water it’ll have to battle. Warranties vary depending on the final product you go with.

Do I Need a Sump Pump?

So, it’s clear sump pumps do a lot for a household, and they can definitely offer a lot of peace of mind when storms are brewing. But do you actually need one? Well, that depends. We recommend asking yourself the following questions…

  1. Do I have a basement? If yes, then investing in a sump pump certainly won’t hurt you any. Any parts of the home that are underground could be vulnerable to water leaks at some point, and sump pumps work hard to make sure this doesn’t become a reality.
  2. Has my basement ever flooded? If yes, then you will greatly benefit from a sump pump, and will likely find that it’ll actually save you money over time. The initial installation costs pay off quickly when you consider the amount of damage you could be avoiding.
  3. Do I get a lot of moisture in my basement? If, even without heavy rains, you notice signs of moisture in your basement (wet pipes, mold growth, rotted wood, etc.) then a sump pump would be a good idea.
  4. Do I live on lower ground? Even across one town, some homes are built in higher areas than others and are, then, less susceptible to flood-like damage. If you’re on lower ground, a sump pump might be a good option.

Questions? Please Reach Out

If you have any questions regarding sump pumps or have any other plumbing-related needs, please reach out. We’re here and happy to help out with any concerns you may be experiencing.

Simply dial our number at 630-978-9696, or if you already know the services you need, reach out online to book an appointment. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.


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