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Do you have a backflow prevention device that needs to be tested? These play a huge role in keeping your household protected from contaminated water, but if they’re unable to effectively do their job, you and your family could face some serious risks. Which is why annual tests from a licensed and certified plumber are required.

Why Is Backflow Testing Important?

Why is it so important to invest in backflow testing?

  • Backflow can cause serious health risks. Having the things we’ve already flushed or sent down our drains turn around and enter our supposedly clean drinking/cooking water can lead to serious health impacts on those who consume it.
  • Backflow can cause skin irritation. If we use contaminated water in the shower or for cleaning our clothes and home, it can have impacts on our skin and hair in the form of rashes or irritation.
  • Backflow can cause house and pipe corrosion. When backflow goes back into your home and pipes, it can cause things to break down significantly. Your pipes will corrode, and your home itself can experience damage, too, all of which leads to costly, time-consuming repairs.

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