Need a Gas Line Installed in Your Naperville Home? Our Experts Can Help

If you need a gas line installed for your new stove, tankless water heater, fireplace, or something else, it’s not a job you want to tackle yourself. Even a small mishap can lead to more problems down the line, the most dangerous being a gas leak in your home. That said, it’s not a job you want handled by a plumber that’s inexperienced or unqualified either. That’s why so many throughout our service area count on us.

Why Trust a Licensed Plumber to Install My Gas Line?

Now, when most think of our line of work, installing gas lines isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. That said, the similarities between installing a gas line and installing a new plumbing system are surprisingly similar, which is why this job is best left to a professional and licensed crew of plumbers. Long story short – we know pipes.

On top of that, it’s simply the safer option. If gas is leaking into your home, it can invite countless dangers, with fire hazards and serious illness being two of the biggest. Even the smallest mistake can put your home and family at risk – that’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.

Let us take on the burden instead. Our experts are licensed, insured, trained, and certified, and we are confident we can get the job done safely and correctly.

Concerned Gas Is Leaking Into Your Home?

Here at Residential Plumbing, Inc., the safety of our customers is always the top priority. If you are concerned you have a gas leak in your home, follow these steps to ensure your family doesn’t face major injury or illness.

1. Leave immediately. Get anyone inside of the home outdoors, leaving the doors open as you exit. Do NOT touch any electrical devices or outlets as you leave the home. This includes light switches – if they’re on, leave them on! If even the tiniest spark is created, it could cause a fire or explosion.

2. Call the appropriate authorities as soon as you’re safely out and away from your home. Do not call from inside the home. Using your phone during a gas leak could cause the gas to ignite.

3. Don’t enter your home until you have been given the all clear by trained and qualified professionals.

Wrench on a water heater gas line

How might you know if gas is present in your home? Some indications include a rotten egg/sulfur-like smell, a hissing sound near your gas line, dead houseplants, any physical damage to the pipe itself, or you might even see the gas (in the form of dust or a white cloud) escaping the line.

Be aware of physical symptoms in yourself, too. If you’re having trouble breathing, experiencing dizziness or light-headedness, have flu-like symptoms or nausea, and/or seem extra fatigued, it could be that you have a gas leak in your home. Others report mood changes, nosebleeds, chest pains, reduced appetite, skin or eye irritation, headaches, or even ringing in the ears.

Gain Peace of Mind By Working With Us

No matter what you trust us with, be it gas line installation, kitchen or bathroom repairs, sewer line issues, leaky pipes, water heater service, below-ground plumbing, or any other plumbing-related issues, one thing we can guarantee is your peace of mind. Put your home in the best hands possible by turning to us for it all.

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